Dear Mr. Freyermuth,

I’m gladly taking you up on your offer to share my experiences with the cadWeazle that I have used extensively for more than 6 years now.

Before I begin I would first like to say that life without cadweazle is hardly imaginable for my family and me today. Ever since I have been using cadWeazle our range  of   spare   time   acitivities    has   greatly   ex-

panded and  the pleasure  of being in motion has returned. For that I thank you and your company from the bottom of my heart.

Vacations by the lake and in the mountains are no obstacle anymore and have become as natural to me as using cadweazle as my daily ‘work horse’ on our 5000 m² premises. Equipped with a hitch I use cadWeazle for towing garden trailers or for collecting greenery. Due to its wide wheel profile it is also used to plane pre-prepared soil or fields.

With an additional hitch its power is great enough to move a car trailer, that is needed to transport cadWeazle, around our premises. But it is also a great relief for “hikes” across rocky terrain and sticks, for taking ‘walks’ in nature or for exploring new cities. I say “relief” because cobblestone streets and curbs are very frightening to most wheel chair users and it is a great liberation to now be able to count on my personal will and determination to overcome these obstacles with ease. The mind is the limit now and the only restricting factor on where to use cadWeazle. Except for flying and floating – that, I’m afraid, it can’t do yet.

(Tobias R.)

The First water ski show team writes:

Very informative page. Since my wife herself uses a wheelchair I really like the idea of cadWeazle. Finally people with handicap can participate in activities on the beaches too. Surely cadWeazle would also work on snow, I would really love to try that out.

Greetings from the First German water ski Show Team


Dear inventors,

I saw your I-can-go-anywhere vehicle in the Kiel news and I simply have to congratulate you on it. Finally, someone has invented something useful. Maybe your cadWeazle can be the link between those who desperately need one and those who could use one but would never dare to do it. In English: Mudflat hiking should not only be something for hikers and now for people with impaired mobility. It could also be a blessing for people who get tired fast for they can now go hiking with their best friends together.

Please keep up the good work.

(Armin M.)

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